About Us


We're all for the little guy.

We don't believe they should be spending a fortune just to sell their food.

So we're fixing it.


Covid 19 took us all by surprise. But it's hit some industries a lot harder than others.

Restaurants are one of the types of businesses that have been hit hardest, and unfortunately, to keep their doors open, they've been forced to use high price apps for deliveries and collections.

We don't think mega corporations should be making huge profits off their hard work. So we're building something different.

Our site is not a delivery app. It's a marketplace. So restaurants can sign up, create their page, set their delivery and collection fees, and manage their own products and orders.

They can choose to offer collection only, or to keep more of their staff employed doing in house deliveries.

Most importantly, they pay MUCH LESS to use our platform. There's a one time set up fee of $79, a monthly subscription of $49, and restaurants are paid DIRECT, using a payment method of their choice. There's ZERO commission on!

Because we don't have to gouge restaurants to make it easy to order online.