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Can I link to my page from my website?

Sure! In fact, we encourage it!

We know a lot of restaurants have static websites. We also know many have their own online ordering pages. But people like convenience, so it's a lot easier for us to market one site to people who want options than to market a standalone site.

We don't charge commissions, so you can sell your products for the same price here as you do on your website, and get all the money from the orders you get here.

If you're not sure how to link to your page here from your main site, and you have backend access, our web developers will even add a link for you!

You can also link to your page here from your social media, or when you send out emails. Or add a "find us on" note on your paper menus!

We're here for you. Whatever works to get you more customers, works for us!