We created to help Canadian restaurants sell directly to their customers, without high delivery app fees, and without having to spend a fortune on their own e-commerce site. is a quick, easy and affordable way to create an online storefront for your local restaurant business, so that you can sell direct to your customers quickly and easily. It's like having a fully functional online sales website, without having to have any technical knowledge! is fully responsive, so it works on all devices.

You control your payment options, delivery fees, discounts and coupons. Customers pay you direct, and there are NO commissions on payments.

You don't need to know anything about websites to create and manage your storefront, and you can start selling food direct to your customers in as little as two days!

Got a static website? Great! You can link directly from your website to to sell to your customers, and we'll even help you do it if you need some help!


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Features is NOT another delivery app. It's an easy to use ecommerce platform for restaurants. Features include:

   Linkable, standalone restaurant page
  Full restaurant management dashboard
  Email order updates
  Configurable collection and delivery options and prices
  Secure payment processing with your choice of payment options.
  Configurable per restaurant coupons and discounts
  Automated social media marketing on RestaurantDirect channels
  Low setup and monthly fees
  ZERO commissions - you set up your own payment methods and get paid direct


 You don't need an expensive website or costly delivery apps to sell online!


We built because we believe that restaurants are paying delivery apps too much money.

So we've made our fees as low as possible.

You will pay a once off fee of $79 for us to set up your restaurant, and a monthly fee of $49 to be on the site.

There are NO commissions on sales, and your can set up and manage all your own payment methods!


Restaurants need to start selling their food in new ways FAST.

You don't have time to wait for your own e-commerce site to be built. You need to start selling NOW.

Which is why we can get you set up in our site in as little as two business days, depending on the complexity of your menu!


You don't have to know anything about websites to use!

We do all the setup for you, so you can start selling food direct immediately. There's no long wait to get started on!

In fact, we have most restaurants set up with a full e-commerce solution within days of signing up!

Once your page is live, your customers can start ordering!

Full Control

Need to add a menu item, or change one? Had a price update, or do you want to change your delivery rates?

No problem! With, you have a fully functional Restaurant Owner dashboard, where you can quickly and easily add, update and remove menu items, delivery options and more!